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Fee Structure

We are committed to providing our Corporate Clients; both sellers and buyers, with a top quality, affordable and cost effective service. This means that rather than simply chase sky high commission figures, we will undertake work mostly at fixed fees, based on sensible working rates, which will encourage the volume and repeat business that our clients require.

By adopting task related fixed fees we will;

Offer a range of across the board tasks and services which will enable us to compliment the sales and buying departments of our respective manufacturing and buying clients, rather than compete against them.

Offer these services on a “when you need them” basis but priced competitively against the cost of the client hiring dedicated full time staff, or commissioning their other Professional Advisors to undertake the role. This means that we would be available to either the whole purchasing process for you or simply help out in one or two specialist or time consuming areas or tasks Ala Carte.

Save time and eliminate time wasters. We recognise the value of time and our time is as valuable to us as yours is to you. If somebody asks us to undertake a task, they will be paying for it and so these are unlikely to be spurious enquiries, but serious potential buyers or sellers.

We will reserve the right to be paid a commission if acting as a Sales Agent for a Manufacturer in respect of any sales which we generate. We would however take into account any related service paid on account by the client in the lead up to the sale.

Out of Pocket Expenses and Third Party Disbursements

The Client is ultimately responsible for the payment of Out of Pocket Expenses and Disbursements to Third Parties. We will Endeavour in all circumstances to have such Disbursements charged to the Client directly and we will never undertake an expense that you are not aware of and have not agreed to beforehand.
Likewise, all out of Pocket Expenses in respect of Entertainment, Subsistence, Travel and Accommodation undertaken on behalf of the Client will have been discussed and agreed with the client at the Inception of the Contract.  

Agreement of Fees

All tasks and associated fees will be agreed between Guangdong 2U (UK) Ltd and client at inception. Guangdong 2U (UK) Ltd will issue a Letter of Engagement to the Client which will outline the agreed tasks to be undertaken, the price to be paid by the client in respect of the tasks and the method and timing of payment from the client to Guangdong 2U (UK) Ltd. This letter of engagement must be signed, dated and returned before Guangdong 2U (UK) Ltd will commence any work. We will except both Fax copies and also printed e-mail format scanned back into e-mail.